About ECET

What is ECET?

The European Council of Enterostomal Therapy (ECET) is a professional nursing society and non-
profit association. ECET supports its members by promoting educational, clinical and research
opportunities to advance practice and guide the delivery of expert health care to individuals with
ostomies, incontinence and wounds.

ECET is a non-profit association working on a European level. The primary aim of ECET is to support the development of a professional identity for nurses and other health care professionals concerned with or active in the area of stoma therapy, incontinence care and / or treatment of wounds.

The objectives of ECET are to:

  • Bring together health care professionals involved in the care of stoma patients.
  • Establish a European recognition of nurses specialised in the area of stoma care, incontinence care and /or treatment of wounds.
  • Make sure that the professional interests of the ECET members are protected.
  • Promote research and ensure that knowledge remains up to date.
  • Promote contacts and collaboration with the industry, distributors or official health care insurances with the aim to improve the quality of care and available devices.
  • Organise conferences, seminars, and short training courses.
  • Break down national barriers and promote European collaboration and common guidelines.
  • Promote the exchange of information between European countries by establishing efficient communication systems.
  • Develop educational standards generally recognised in Europe.
  • Promote stoma care according to quality and ethical standards.