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ECET 2019


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The 14th Conference of the European Council of Enterostomal Therapists (ECET) was held in Rome, Italy, 23– 26 June 2019. With the theme “Research meets Practice – Practice meets Research”, the conference successfully connected people through knowledge, research and experience in ostomy, wounds and continence care.

One of the most interesting sessions was a round table discussion on the health care of ostomy patients with title "Healthcare political round table discussion." Participants represented Austria, Germany, Slovenia, France and Italy. Discussions were held on the quantity of and the right to stoma devices for ostomy patients, as well as on the organization of ostomy patient’s nursing care in Europe. Patient situations vary a lot among the countries in Europe. In some European countries, patients with stoma have significant problems getting the needed support from enterostomal therapists after discharge from hospital. Secondly, patients in many countries have problems getting the appropriate amount of stoma devices on prescription. The final conclusion from this round table was, that there is a need for more research on this topic in Europe and to prepare European guidelines for ostomy care.

ECET 2017

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During the conference a Podium discussion took place. The title was "Europe-wide activities to ensure the quality of care for people with ostomies and incontinence". 

You can find a report in German about the discussion HERE

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